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Women unite, let’s provoke a witstorm!

Sapiosexuality, witty is the new pretty, intelligence is the new black… is there anything more attractive than a beautiful mind full of wit? We don’t think there is.

Intuition, playfulness, empathy, compassion, gentleness, sensitivity, tolerance, nurturance, are all traits that have traditionally been associated with femininity.

Whether or not these traits are social constructs, invented by men and defined and differentiated as opposed to traits traditionally attributed to men (as suggested by a bunch of well-known feminists) seems irrelevant to us for the purpose of the current discussion. And frankly, that discussion sucks.

Playfulness, intuition and empathy (be they female or male or gender neutral attributes) are the key ingredients for female (r)evolution.

Female empowerment has become one of the most overused phrases in our modern world of politics and business.

However, as often if we push for something too hard we achieve just the opposite. We think it is fair to say that the whole women empowerment and gender parity frenzy may have the reverse effect and may make us feel weaker as a species. Indeed, our female empowerment age leaves us women with the possibility of doing anything and everything, which does not mean that we need or want to do everything!

We can do anything, so if we don’t, we are missing out on something, we are the lost sisters of the 21st century.  Clearly, we women (as a species!) tend to shame ourselves and each other into societal norms. If we do not fit the modern image of the Superwoman and the images of working women as advertised on the websites of the glossy corporate (real babes in high heels which could all have had a career in modelling) we feel all but empowered.

The witty way to elegantly navigate the troubled waters of female empowerment, therefore seems to radically accept and embrace your own personality and let yourself and all the other women of our species playfully tap into the creative well of electric femininity.

Empowerment comes only from within.

We are all sisters, we are in this together and here to support each other.

If you want to break that glass ceiling don’t try with a hammer. You’re one of a witty woman who intuitively knows that a more playful, mindful and powerful approach will get you there.

We are all sisters, we are in this together and here to support each other.

Let’s use our intuition, empathy and playfulness to unite and provoke a witstorm!