why wardrobe therapy?

Self-help seems to be an extremely hot subject these days. Its underlying principles
have however already been advocated by the greatest philosophers a thousand of
year ago. Self-help will never go out of fashion! Humanity has always pondered the
secrets behind leading a good, meaningful and inspiring life.

Cicero, the prominent Roman statesman writes more than 2000 years ago that
philosophy teaches us to be doctors of our souls: “There is, I assure you, a medical
art for the soul. It is philosophy, whose aid need not be sought, as in bodily diseases,
from outside ourselves. We must endeavor with all our resources and all our strength
to become capable of doctoring ourselves.” Cicero was a big fan of Socrates whose
street-philosophy taught both young and old the art of self-help.

The aim of philosophy as a therapeutic means should be to question ourselves,
detecting unconscious beliefs and values, using our reason to analyze the effect of
those beliefs and values on our emotions. If the emotions triggered are unhealthy
and do not support our Life, we should actively strive to change our beliefs in order
to change our emotions. The power is within us.

In our modern world this method of emotion regulation is called “cognitive reappraisal”.
Neuroscientists trace it back to the ancient Greek philosophers.

In terms of cognitive re-appraisal, it has been shown that clothes can be used as
therapy. Cognitive psychologists Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky have introduced the
cunning term of “enclothed cognition”! Enclothed cognition captures the systematic
influence that the clothes we wear have on our emotions.

At vol(t)age, our mantra is philosophy as a way of life, philosophy as therapy, self-reflection
as second nature. More specifically we want to help you create a wardrobe
that actively electrifies and changes your emotions by ingraining your clothes with an
uplifting message and symbolic meaning (as in vol(t)age a jeu de mots of the word
voltage meaning electric and the French word volage meaning evolving and

The three adjectives that best describe the vol(t)age DNA are playful, powerful and
mindful. We also believe that these 3 emotions/states of mind are the “must-feel”
emotions for a flourishing soul. Each piece we create should help you feel either
more playful, more mindful or more powerful. You are of course welcome to mix and
match your emotions for an electrically explosive power cocktail!

So how do you want to feel like today? Playful, powerful, or mindful?

vol(t)age is in the air: #canyoufeelthecurrent