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vol(t)age week

Is there life after bed?

Life is all about reconnecting with what’s really important. We often have the impression that time flies by, without us even remembering what we did two days ago. The vol(t)age week is a gentle reminder to live life more consciously whilst embracing a holistic way of living. Don’t fill your life with days, but fill your days with life!

Mumday = Monday: Monday, deriving its etymological origins from “the day of the Moon”, is the perfect day to reconnect with your goddess energy, to express gratitude for the miracle of life and to lovingly care for all the children in your life, including your relationship with your own source – your mum. 
Juiceday = Tuesday: life can lead us to over-consume food and drink that is not necessarily good for your body. On Juiceday, you make conscious choices, listen to your body and cultivate your beautiful soul! 
Friendsday = Wednesday: in our fast-paced work/student lives, it is vital to cherish friendship and non-virtual human contact. What better day for that than midweek celebration?
Thirstday = Thursday: eager for the weekend to begin, Thirstday is the perfect day for a sparkly get-together; the champagne-coloured sequins are no coincidence 😉
Myday = Friday: you should not feel bad about looking after yourself. Make proper me-time and get at least one thing done just for yourself today!
Betterday = Saturday: life has its ups and downs and not every day is great. But you can always choose to make it better: be aware and grateful for all the good things that happen today and let positivity electrify you!
Funday = Sunday: life’s serious enough: have more fun, play more and just enjoy life. Shine bright on this “day of the sun”!