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The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age

Do you choose your clothes to reflect your emotions or do you choose your clothes to uplift your mood?  

It is like when you are smiling, most people may think that we smile because we feel happy, but it can go the other way: we feel happy because we smile. It’s the same with clothes, you may feel powerful and show the world by wearing a powerful piece or you may feel powerful because you are wearing a strong piece.  

You are what you wear.  

We all empower ourselves with our own actions.

We are the daughters of the Goddesses.

So let’s unleash our innate female superpowers and rock our worlds. 

The Goddesses have our back!

The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age
The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age
The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age
The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age

You are beautiful, you are lovable and you are worthy to receive the magical gift of your enchanting femininity.

Just smile and glow.  APHRODITE the Greek Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, will help you spice-up your (love) Life. 

APHRODITE has your back!

KALI, the Hindu Mother Goddess, is fiercely protective. She helps us to remove the illusions of the mind and to rely on our inner strength and wisdom to know when to pursue a cause and when to let go.

To honour Kali, stop forcing things that are simply not meant to be. Call on her to help guide you when faced with transitions in your life.

KALI has your back!

Do you need help nurturing, taking care of your Self? Do you have new projects or plans?

GAIA the ancestral Mother of all Life, the primordial Greek Deity of the Earth, will be able to guide you.

GAIA has your back!