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It is Heraclitus, one of the very early Greek philosophers who first came up with the idea that beneath the apparent chaos, the Universe is unified and guided by a cosmic intelligence which he called the Logos. Humans take part in the Logos as they possess rational consciousness.

“Thinking,” Heraclitus says, “is shared by all.” Ultimately, we are all of the same mind. Staying blind to this fact is the cause of our suffering. In order to decrease suffering and attain “cosmic consciousness” we need to overcome our own narrow egotistic concerns, let go of attachments and aversions which divide experiences into good or bad. Indeed, from the perspective of the Logos, the cosmic intelligence, everything is in order, there is no difference between good or bad.

The ego is a fictitious construct, consisting of self-images that persist because they are believed and attached to. Each such self-image is based on a particular moment of past experience that generated a mental construct or story that was taken as a static reality. But, as we know since Heraclitus, that everything is always in flux and that all that exists is the flux of phenomena in each present moment, the ego is essentially a fiction.

The ego is a static prison but we should strive to make it a fluid entity governed by Logos instead! In the universal dance of opposites, where there is no good or bad and where an enemy is merely an ally viewed in the wrong way, the ego is not to be annihilated but rather purified and expanded until it simply melts into what is. The ego means “what you think you are”, expanding it then means including more and more reality in your self-definition.

So, let’s dive into Logos, let’s become ego-logical and become more compassionate to ourselves, the planet and the Universe as a whole.

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