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fear less

We don’t think it’s a very clever idea to try to become fearless. We are often told to let go of our fears, but frankly this seems very unrealistic. The best thing you can do is to try to fear less and get comfortable with your existing fears, who are in the end but perfectly normal. Boldness and bravery could not exist without fears and insecurities to be overcome or better to be dealt with.

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It’s about being bold and taking chances. Being bold means taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. It’s a given and not just a cliché that great things never started from comfort zones. To change the status quo, to start living creatively means leaving your comfort zone and feeding your curiosity rather than your fears. Changing the way you do things can be a risky undertaking, but if you want to avoid regrets it’s about time to take those bold chances.

We know that the most common regret people have at the end of their lives is that they chose to play it safe rather than doing something risky.

Risk is always associated with the possibility of loss. Fearing less means taking more risks and necessarily accepting failure as a part of the process. According to Einstein “failure is success in progress”. What really matters is that you don’t let failure taint the value of your life or the authenticity of your goals. It’s only about learning the lessons.

If you’ve failed at something, it means that you had the bravery to try!

Creativity and change starts with that longing deep down in your heart. You feel that you need to do something, you have a good idea for a project of passion or you need to speak-up about a difficult subject with someone. May be you feel you need to change the world or revisit your Self. Just do it. It’s only from our action that change can happen.

Overthinking, perfectionism and trying to please everyone are the main enemies of fearing less and living the life you want to live. Any great idea may appear dubious if overthought a million times. Conversely, if you are a people pleaser you may lack the bravery you need to face public criticism. Taking risks and thinking outside the box invites judgement and criticism.

Fearing less and adopting a bold and brave mindset is totally feasible but needs a bit of practice and a lot of self-consciousness.  The only way forward is to getting comfortable with your fears by pausing and recognizing your emotions for what they are. This will give you the chance of creating new ways to respond to them. Self-awareness and radical acceptance of your emotions increases self-compassion.

Alleviate your fears through self-compassion, you are here to live your Life not to please others or to be perfect!

Just go out and conquer your world: fear less!