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fear less

We don’t think it’s a very clever idea to try to become fearless. We are often told to let go of our fears, but frankly this seems very unrealistic. The best thing you can do is to try to fear less and get comfortable with your existing fears, who are in the end but perfectly normal. Boldness and bravery could not exist without fears and insecurities to be overcome or better to be dealt with.

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It’s about being bold and taking chances. Being bold means taking risks and leaving your comfort zone. It’s a given and not just a cliché that great things never started from comfort zones. To change the status quo, to start living creatively means leaving your comfort zone and feeding your curiosity rather than your fears. Changing the way you do things can be a risky undertaking, but if you want to avoid regrets it’s about time to take those bold chances.

We know that the most common regret people have at the end of their lives is that they chose to play it safe rather than doing something risky.

Risk is always associated with the possibility of loss. Fearing less means taking more risks and necessarily accepting failure as a part of the process. According to Einstein “failure is success in progress”. What really matters is that you don’t let failure taint the value of your life or the authenticity of your goals. It’s only about learning the lessons.

If you’ve failed at something, it means that you had the bravery to try!

Creativity and change starts with that longing deep down in your heart. You feel that you need to do something, you have a good idea for a project of passion or you need to speak-up about a difficult subject with someone. May be you feel you need to change the world or revisit your Self. Just do it. It’s only from our action that change can happen.

Overthinking, perfectionism and trying to please everyone are the main enemies of fearing less and living the life you want to live. Any great idea may appear dubious if overthought a million times. Conversely, if you are a people pleaser you may lack the bravery you need to face public criticism. Taking risks and thinking outside the box invites judgement and criticism.

Fearing less and adopting a bold and brave mindset is totally feasible but needs a bit of practice and a lot of self-consciousness.  The only way forward is to getting comfortable with your fears by pausing and recognizing your emotions for what they are. This will give you the chance of creating new ways to respond to them. Self-awareness and radical acceptance of your emotions increases self-compassion.

Alleviate your fears through self-compassion, you are here to live your Life not to please others or to be perfect!

Just go out and conquer your world: fear less!

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We are all made of star stuff

One of Carl Sagan’s most famous quote says “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.”

Isn’t this fascinating, but at the same time completely surreal: We know that the molecules of our body are the same than the molecules that compose the Universe created in previous generations of starsover 4.5 billion years ago. We know that we are all made of the same stuff but we still feel the disconnection? We are to be reminded of the importance of diversity, we are full of greed and knowingly destroy our planet …

It is Heraclitus, one of the very early Greek philosophers who first came up with the idea that beneath the apparent chaos, the Universe is unified and guided by a cosmic intelligence which he called the Logos. Humans take part in the Logos as they possess rational consciousness.

“Thinking,” Heraclitus says, “is shared by all.” Ultimately, we are all of the same mind. Staying blind to this fact is the cause of our suffering. In order to decrease suffering and attain “cosmic consciousness” we need to overcome our own narrow egotistic concerns.

The Stoics, the Indian Tantric philosophers and Carl Sagan all seem to agree that we are a microcosmic expression of precisely the same universal powers that create, maintain, and dissolve this whole Universe.

Discovering our true Selves then means discovering the Cosmos in one’s own nature.

In order to understand the Cosmos, we need to be able to grasp the Logos: a dance of opposites, each thing turning into something else. To live is to die, to be awake is to sleep, to be young is to be old, for the one thing flows into the other.  Nothing ever stands still.

In order to dive more fully into cosmic consciousness, we need to overcome our egotistic concerns, let go of attachments and aversions which divide experiences into good or bad. Indeed, from the perspective of the Logos, the cosmic intelligence, everything is in order, there is no difference between good or bad.

Real freedom is actually experiencing the Logos in each moment, which is the same as not wanting the present moment to be any different for the way it is. It is eventually all about feeling the current.

The ego is a fictitious construct, consisting of self-images that persist because they are believed and attached to. Each such self-image is based on a particular moment of past experience that generated a mental construct or story that was taken as a static reality. But, as we know since Heraclitus, that everything is always in flux and that all that exists is the flux of phenomena in each present moment, the ego is essentially a fiction.

The ego is a static prison but we should strive to make it a fluid entity governed by Logos instead! In the universal dance of opposites, where there is no good or bad and where an enemy is merely an ally viewed in the wrong way, the ego is not to be annihilated but rather purified and expanded until it simply melts into what is. The ego means “what you think you are”, expanding it then means including more and more reality in your self-definition.

So, let’s dive into Logos, let’s become eco-logical and become more compassionate to ourselves, the planet and the Universe as a whole!

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punk venus

She’s a punk venus, a rebel in love.

She is authentic, not influenced by conventional or political considerations or judgements. She knows how to flourish and courageously follows her own path. She can feel deep joy as she can feel devastating pain. She knows that the clue to self-empowerment lies in radical, authentic self-acceptance, breaking free from the internal prison of repressed emotions.

She knows that the path of love is not soft and sweet, that romance is not all fairies and unicorns. She rather unveils romance in the daily vagaries of Life and gets truly turned-on by humanness.

She is not afraid of her own shadow and in speaking her truth. She has learned to love herself in the absence of the lover. She genuinely stands in her power, embracing the fullness of her Life experience.

No one better than Rupi Kaur (milk and honey) can describe her mindset:

“I do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full on my own

I want to be so complete

I could light a whole city

and then

I want to have you

cause the two of us combined

could set it on fire”

It’s the flame of love that ignites her, the thirst for real connection, for real presence illuminating her dark hiding places. When love comes, she truly shows up for it.

Real love is a place where we can hold a place for the other’s magnificence as well as his shadow. Real love gives comfort, fosters vulnerability and rejects distraction and disguise.

Real, love is never (pret)ending and prefers a genuine frown over a faked smile.

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vol(t)age week

Is there life after bed?

Life is all about reconnecting with what’s really important. We often have the impression that time flies by, without us even remembering what we did two days ago. The vol(t)age week is a gentle reminder to live life more consciously whilst embracing a holistic way of living. Don’t fill your life with days, but fill your days with life!

Mumday = Monday: Monday, deriving its etymological origins from “the day of the Moon”, is the perfect day to reconnect with your goddess energy, to express gratitude for the miracle of life and to lovingly care for all the children in your life, including your relationship with your own source – your mum. 
Juiceday = Tuesday: life can lead us to over-consume food and drink that is not necessarily good for your body. On Juiceday, you make conscious choices, listen to your body and cultivate your beautiful soul! 
Friendsday = Wednesday: in our fast-paced work/student lives, it is vital to cherish friendship and non-virtual human contact. What better day for that than midweek celebration?
Thirstday = Thursday: eager for the weekend to begin, Thirstday is the perfect day for a sparkly get-together; the champagne-coloured sequins are no coincidence 😉
Myday = Friday: you should not feel bad about looking after yourself. Make proper me-time and get at least one thing done just for yourself today!
Betterday = Saturday: life has its ups and downs and not every day is great. But you can always choose to make it better: be aware and grateful for all the good things that happen today and let positivity electrify you!
Funday = Sunday: life’s serious enough: have more fun, play more and just enjoy life. Shine bright on this “day of the sun”!

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Women unite, let’s provoke a witstorm!

Sapiosexuality, witty is the new pretty, intelligence is the new black… is there anything more attractive than a beautiful mind full of wit? We don’t think there is.

Intuition, playfulness, empathy, compassion, gentleness, sensitivity, tolerance, nurturance, are all traits that have traditionally been associated with femininity.

Whether or not these traits are social constructs, invented by men and defined and differentiated as opposed to traits traditionally attributed to men (as suggested by a bunch of well-known feminists) seems irrelevant to us for the purpose of the current discussion. And frankly, that discussion sucks.

Playfulness, intuition and empathy (be they female or male or gender neutral attributes) are the key ingredients for female (r)evolution.

Female empowerment has become one of the most overused phrases in our modern world of politics and business.

However, as often if we push for something too hard we achieve just the opposite. We think it is fair to say that the whole women empowerment and gender parity frenzy may have the reverse effect and may make us feel weaker as a species. Indeed, our female empowerment age leaves us women with the possibility of doing anything and everything, which does not mean that we need or want to do everything!

We can do anything, so if we don’t, we are missing out on something, we are the lost sisters of the 21st century.  Clearly, we women (as a species!) tend to shame ourselves and each other into societal norms. If we do not fit the modern image of the Superwoman and the images of working women as advertised on the websites of the glossy corporate (real babes in high heels which could all have had a career in modelling) we feel all but empowered.

The witty way to elegantly navigate the troubled waters of female empowerment, therefore seems to radically accept and embrace your own personality and let yourself and all the other women of our species playfully tap into the creative well of electric femininity.

Empowerment comes only from within.

We are all sisters, we are in this together and here to support each other.

If you want to break that glass ceiling don’t try with a hammer. You’re one of a witty woman who intuitively knows that a more playful, mindful and powerful approach will get you there.

We are all sisters, we are in this together and here to support each other.

Let’s use our intuition, empathy and playfulness to unite and provoke a witstorm!

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Did you know that you think around 50.000 thoughts per day of which more than half are negative and more than 90% are repeats from the day before? We bet you know the feeling of thinking in circles…. It’s tiring and you feel stuck.

Hence the idea of creating self-reflection shirts with mirror-inverted positive messages that you can read when you look at your Self in the mirror! 

Let’s reflect on ourselves! It’s the only way to help us understand our Selves and our motivations and give us the opportunity to grow and develop by refocusing our thoughts.