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The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age

November 13th, 2018|

Do you choose your clothes to reflect your emotions or do you choose your clothes to uplift your mood? We all know that the clothes we wear can inspire or even change our moods.
 It is like when you are smiling, most people may think that we smile because we feel happy, but it can go the other way: we feel happy because we smile. It’s the same with clothes, you may powerful and show the world by wearing a powerful piece or you may feel powerful because you are wearing a strong piece.
You are what you wear, be it a smile on your face or a powerful piece, or both ;-).
We all empower ourselves with our own actions. We are the daughters of the Goddesses. So why not unleash our innate female super powers and rule our worlds?!
The Goddesses have our back!
The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age
The Goddess Edition by vol(t)age

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